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Commercial solar panels

Revolutionize your business with SolarUp's solar energy solutions. As a reliable, scalable, and rapidly growing renewable energy choice, commercial solar empowers you to trim energy costs while showcasing your dedication to the environment. SolarUp tailors expert guidance to your business needs, ensuring that, regardless of size, you enjoy lower energy bills and a greener footprint. With the declining cost of solar panels, generating your electricity through solar power can be up to 70% more cost-effective than traditional grid purchases. Take control of your energy production, slash up to 80% from electricity overheads, and shield your business from escalating energy prices and grid reliance. SolarUp's state-of-the-art technology not only enhances your building's appearance but also guarantees tangible savings. Embrace the opportunity to generate your energy, lock in hydro rates for over 25 years, and propel your business toward an energy-efficient, sustainable future. Invest in a brighter tomorrow with SolarUp.

Financial Efficiency

Significantly reduce electric bills, directly impacting operating costs. Solar systems offer an attractive ROI, providing long-term savings and a quick payback period for the financial well-being of your business.

Valuable Tax Benefits

Get ready for significant savings with solar and take advantage of valuable tax incentives. Receive a generous 30% credit through the Clean Energy Investment Tax Credit (ITC) to reduce your corporate income taxes. Benefit from upfront depreciation with the Accelerated Capital Cost Allowance (CCA), lowering your taxable income strategically. Plus, carry over tax credits for up to 10 years, providing long-lasting financial advantages. Explore additional region-specific incentives tailored to your business.

Attractive ROI

A Solar technician wearing a hard hat and an orange safety vest, clutching documentation for the installation of solar panels by SolarUp.
An alternative perspective of a house roof adorned with solar panels, featuring a SolarUp technician actively involved in the installation procedure.



In this picture, a technician from SolarUp is observed repairing a solar panel.

Minimal Maintenance


Experience continuous energy exchange with Net-Metering, seamlessly transferring power between solar arrays and the utility grid. Benefit from a monthly credit system, where utility companies credit users for excess energy, deducting the surplus from monthly bills and facilitating the carryover of credits for up to 12 months.

Reliability and Sustainability

Solar power systems demand minimal maintenance over 25 to 40 years, delivering dependable and sustainable energy solutions. Our solar solutions come with a 25-year warranty, guaranteeing longevity and offering peace of mind.

Precision, Innovation, and a "Green" Commitment

When it comes to energy requirements, we tailor our solar panel systems to meet the distinct and higher energy needs of commercial structures. Our precision in system design involves the use of advanced measuring devices, ensuring optimal energy offset calculations and top-notch system performance. Embrace the future with our commitment to the latest technologies, integrating cutting-edge solar panels and inverter technologies to create future-proof systems. By adopting solar, you not only invest in efficient energy solutions but also showcase a strong commitment to climate change mitigation, earning a positive environmental reputation with our "Green" label.


An individual is engaged in the installation of a solar panel for SolarUp.



Certainly, putting up solar panels on your business in Ontario is a worthwhile investment. It allows you to generate your electricity, meeting your energy needs and lowering your hydro expenses.

Yes, obtaining a permit is typically required for installing solar panels in Ontario. This step ensures compliance with local regulations and safety standards. As part of our comprehensive installation process, SolarUp takes care of permit approvals, providing a hassle-free experience for our clients. This process includes a free consultation, site inspection, project kick-off, obtaining necessary permits, installation, and system turn-on. By handling permit approvals, we ensure that your solar installation is not only environmentally friendly but also adheres to all legal requirements, making the process convenient for you.

Using solar power can notably lower your energy costs, but it doesn’t equate to free electricity. Despite the sun’s abundant and accessible energy, there are expenses linked to installing and upkeeping a solar system. Nevertheless, businesses can still save money and establish a long-term investment by harnessing solar power.

Certainly, solar power functions in winter months. Although solar panels are most efficient in the summer with extended daylight hours, they still generate electricity throughout the winter.

SolarUp conducts a thorough “roof diagnostics analysis” as part of our process. If the analysis reveals the need for repairs or replacement of the roof, we recommend addressing these issues before proceeding with the installation of solar panels. Our team will promptly notify you of any necessary repairs, ensuring that the roof is in optimal condition to support the solar installation.

SolarUp takes care of all government regulations, approvals, and fees. The process is simplified, and we provide explanations for engineering calculations and related contracts. This includes ensuring compliance with Ontario Content Requirements and handling all Grid Connection costs, Hydro, LDC, ESA approvals, and application fees.

On March 28th, the Federal Government introduced the 2023 Budget, featuring an exciting new tax incentive for those transitioning to clean energy technology. The Clean Technology Investment Tax Credit provides a 30% refundable tax credit for eligible projects such as new solar PV systems, batteries, solar heating, and heat pumps. You can claim this incentive for eco-friendly investments made from March 28th until 2034, aligning with the government’s goal to accelerate clean tech investment as Canada targets net zero by 2035.

To qualify, your business must be taxable, invest in specific equipment (Class 43.1 or 43.2), and fulfill upcoming labor requirements.

 Companies actively using solar energy often gain a reputation for being socially responsible. Embracing environmental consciousness can enhance your company’s public image and reputation.

Commercial systems are typically sized based on the kWh consumption the building requires annually. Various measuring devices, including satellite imagery, sun tracking tech, and lidar, ensure accurate energy offset calculations and system performance.