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Going solar is a long-term commitment (over 25 years) and here at SolarUp we do our very best to provide our clients with as much information we can so that they can make decisions that best fit their family and lifestyle.Please take your time and read some of the resources to educate yourself

Learn How Much It Costs To Install A Residential Rooftop Solar Panel System In Ontario.

Learn Why Powering Your Home With A Rooftop Solar Panel System Makes Financial Sense & More.

Learn How Rooftop Solar Panel Installations Are A Cost-Effective Way To Save Money Each Month & Increase Your Property Value.

Learn All About The Federal Solar Panel Grants & Incentives Programs Available To Ontario Residents.

Learn How To Take Advantage Of Net-Metering To Save Money On Hydro Costs Each Month.

Learn How To Maximize The Efficiency Of Your Solar Panel System With Energy Monitoring Systems.

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