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Choosing solar panels for your home isn't just an environmentally conscious decision but also a smart financial move. With SolarUp's cutting-edge residential solar systems, you not only lock in a fixed electricity rate, shielding yourself from unpredictable grid price hikes, but also benefit from Ontario's Net-Metering program, earning credits for surplus energy. The investment pays off in more ways than one – enhancing your property value immediately and offering a reliable, sustainable energy source that significantly reduces carbon emissions. With solar, you're not just saving money; you're investing in a greener, more reliable future for both your finances and the planet.

Save Money With net-metering

Switching to solar power ensures a stable electricity rate throughout the installation's lifespan, avoiding the unpredictable increases in grid electricity prices. Moreover, through Ontario's Net-Metering program, any surplus power you generate beyond your home's consumption earns you a one-to-one credit from your local utility company for each additional kilowatt-hour of electricity produced.

Enhance Property Value

Choosing solar power for your home immediately boosts its overall value. This added value comes in two forms: investment value and consumption value. Investment value pertains to the actual monetary increase in your home's worth, positively impacting the overall selling price. Consumption value relates to the environmental advantages of adopting an eco-friendly energy source. However, the specific value added by a solar panel system depends on factors like your home's location, the installation size, and the initial value of your home.


During the Richmond Hill project, a technician from SolarUp is seen completing the task while handing a red object to a child.
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Investment Value

Carbon Offset

The rooftop of a house equipped with solar panels, showcasing a SolarUp technician engaged in the installation process.

Less Reliance

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Modern solar technology allows homeowners to generate their electricity, reducing reliance on traditional sources. Solar panels help offset emissions, and when paired with battery storage, achieve up to 100% carbon offset. Choose residential solar for a greener, cost-effective lifestyle.


Harness the power of the sun with residential solar solutions, providing homeowners with a reliable alternative energy source. This not only reduces our carbon footprint but also decreases dependence on grid electricity, offering a sustainable and cost-effective solution for households. By embracing solar power, homeowners contribute to a cleaner environment while enjoying the benefits of energy independence.

Quality Value

At SolarUp, our commitment to top-notch quality ensures clients enjoy maximum energy efficiency and substantial cost savings. With Ontario's electricity expenses doubling over the past decade, embracing our cost-effective solar solutions aligns with financial and environmental responsibility. Choose SolarUp for hassle-free turnkey solar solutions – from consultation to maintenance – making the shift to cleaner energy seamless and efficient.

Turnkey Solutions

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An individual is engaged in the installation of a solar panel for SolarUp.

Significant Savings


The number of rooftop solar panels one residential home in Toronto might require is dependent on several factors, such as: the average energy consumption of your household, your current energy use in watts, the climate and amount of direct sunlight exposure for your area, along with the efficiency and size of the solar panel system being considered for installation. Whether or not your solar power system will completely offset your electricity needs is primarily determined by how accurately you size your system. With the help of the experts at SolarUp, we can calculate the number of solar panels required to secure that percentage for you hassle free! Considering that, sizing your system correctly is essential for effective solar power generation.

The purpose of a solar panel system is to absorb sunlight throughout the day and convert the direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC), which is the type of energy used to power your home. Therefore, solar panel systems do not have the ability to produce electricity during dark hours. Nevertheless, cloudy days won’t break your solar panel’s ability to function accordingly. Although there is less power output on these days, the system will still work like it should. On top of that, Ontario’s Net-Metering programme enables you to store excess solar energy in the utility grid and receive one-to-one credit for the excess electricity to be used toward future electricity cost within the next 12 months.

When your solar panels are covered in a thick blanket of snow, blocking the sunlight, and prohibiting your system from generating energy, it’s important to note that snow has an insignificant effect on your solar production. So long as your system has been professionally installed, your array is built to handle all seasonal weather conditions. Professional solar installers such as SolarUp, take your region’s typical weather pattern into account upon installation.

Solar panel systems upon installation ensure decades of free electricity with minimal maintenance requirements. Designed for reliability and durability against all weather conditions. However, it’s recommended that all solar panel systems are cleaned and inspected every 4-5 years, to further ensure the efficiency of your system.  With SolarUp’s free preventative maintenance program every 5 years, which is included with the installation of your residential solar power system installation, you are assured optimum performance of your solar system for the next 25 years. 

Rooftop suitability for residential solar panel installation depends on several factors, such as, the age and condition of your roof, the size of your roof, and most importantly the roof’s slope orientation. The professionals at SolarUp ensure our utmost attention to these details during our on-site inspection, for any home considering the installation of a new solar panel system.

All solar panels are designed to last anywhere from 25-30 years upon initial installation. The pace at which solar panels lose efficiency over time is called the degradation rate and is a natural consequence of their exposure to the elements. According to a 2012 study by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, panels lose anywhere from 0.5 percent to 0.8 percent of their production capacity each year, a very small amount indeed.  SolarUp installs high quality panels which hold a 25 year performance warranty.  However, even 25 years after initial installation solar panels are known to function close to 85% of their original energy output.

For safety reasons Grid Tied solar panels systems do not produce any electricity in event of power outage unless tied up with a battery backup system.

Solar Energy monitoring is a vital part to any solar panel system. As these systems work to send you real time data of your energy consumption and generation, in addition to, other system diagnosis reports to inform you of any maintenance issue pertaining to your panels overall well-being and function or inverter malfunctions.