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If you are an Ontario-based business or resident It’s time to own your power and stop renting! Now more than ever, the Federal Government of Canada fully supports and encourages its residents to use solar energy to reduce their power consumption through the Greener Home Grant starting in 2021. That’s why owning your power has never been easier!

Federal Solar Panel Grants & Incentive Programs Updated 2021

As the need for power grows across the province, the electricity generated by Hydro plants is starting to reach its full capacity limit. Thus, there is a greater push for the use of cleaner self-generation energy, such as power generated from homeowners’ residential solar systems in Ontario. To support the expanding needs of our province’s power supply while reducing the cost and power consumption of Ontario’s residents. Moreover, the up-front costs associated with the installation of a solar system, whether residential roof, ground mounted on an acreage, is more affordable than ever with the power produced by its owners at costs close to buying utility power. With the added benefit that all surplus power generated by your solar system gets exported back into the utility grid as part of Ontario’s Net-Metering program, for a credit. A full one-to-one credit, which can be carried forward within a 12-month time frame to further reduce your energy costs. Additionally, to further Ontario’s efforts in showing their support of the purchase and installation of more renewable energy sources, Ontario has put forth a the Canada Greener Homes Grant Initiative Program, making it more affordable for homeowners to reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint.

The Canada Greener Homes Grant

The Canadian federal government has officially launched a new initiative, the Canada Greener Homes Grant, to support and encourage its residents to invest in new practices of renewable energy. Through this initiative, Canadian homeowners are eligible for up to $5,000 to help with the costs of energy-efficient retrofits to their homes. Along with an additional $600 to offset the cost of any home energy evaluations and expert advice, so that they may begin planning their energy-efficient retrofits accordingly. Thus, reducing the province’s carbon emissions output, while simultaneously contributing towards Canada’s greener energy goals. However, applications for this initiative are being processed on a first-come, first-served basis. So, if you’re looking to install a residential solar PV system to make your home more energy-efficient don’t wait to apply today!

The aim of this new initiative is to help make existing homes or custom homes more energy-efficient while creating new middle-class jobs in the energy-efficiency sector. In addition to growing our domestic green supply chains, which in turn improves Canada’s defenses in our fight against climate change. Read more to learn about the Canada Greener Homes Grant with specifics on the installation of solar PV systems as well as how to submit your application below.

What’s Included in the Initiative Program:

✓ Up to 700,000 grants of up to $5,000 to help Canadian homeowners save money on energy-efficient retrofits to their homes.

Support EnerGuide evaluations (worth up to $600) and expert advice for all Canadian homeowners looking to begin their energy-efficient retrofits to their home.

Support recruitment and training of EnerGuide energy advisors to meet the increased demand for energy-efficient retrofits, while creating new jobs in the energy-efficiency sector across Canada.

Steps for Getting Started:

Step 1: 

After determining your eligibility, register and book your EnerGuide home evaluation with a certified EnerGuide advisor, to determine the requirements for potential solar energy retrofits to your home.

Step 2:

Once you have completed at least one of the recommended home improvements, provided to you during your first EnerGuide home evaluation, schedule a follow-up inspection by a registered EnerGuide adviser to qualify for rebates on your project.

Step 3:

Upgrade the energy efficiency of your home with SolarUp; followed by the purchase, assessment, and installation of your residential solar PV systems by the trained technicians at SolarUp.

Step 4:

Receive your reimbursement following the completion and approval of your EnerGuide home evaluation.

Note: EnerGuide evaluations completed before December 1, 2020, will not be eligible for reimbursement. Additionally, all homeowners participating in the Canada Greener Homes Initiative should keep all receipts, invoices, and all other project-related documentation pertaining to your energy-efficient retrofits until March 31, 2028.

Renewable Energy Systems Initiative Specifics:

Under the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, those you are eligible to apply can receive a grant for the purchase and installation of a solar photovoltaic (PV) system, which works to convert sunlight directly into electricity for your home’s consumption. Furthermore, under the Canadian government’s climate resiliency grants with specifics to solar energy retrofits, you may be eligible for reimbursements for a portion of the cost of the installation of additional solar PV technology, such as batteries used to store additional solar energy that is generated by your system.

Eligibility Criteria for Reimbursement:

Under the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, for renewable energy systems there is a certain set of criteria, which must be met to claim your reimbursement.

Those criteria requirements are as follows:

  1. All equipment for your solar energy-efficient retrofits to your home must be purchased in Canada
  2. Online purchases are only eligible if they are ordered from an online distributor in Canada

  3. The system must be composed of a photovoltaic (PV) panel and inverter certified to CSA Standards

  4. The rated PV panel must have a peak power capacity higher than or equal to 1.0 kW


Incentive amount

Single-family home

Install solar panels (photovoltaic (PV) system) ≥ 1.0 kW

$1,000 per kW

Resiliency Measures:

Under the Canada Greener Homes Initiative, resiliency measures take into consideration the environmental factors related to climate change, which can impact your home, causing fires, flooding, wind, or loss of power. In any of these cases, the Canada Greener Homes Initiative acknowledges the location of your home in relation to the potential environmental conditions that may impact any energy-efficient retrofits to your home. And offers support to those who are in the process of making upgrades to their home with additional retrofits that could help protect your home and your family from environmental damages at the same time. additional cost 

Eligibility Criteria for Reimbursement:

To be eligible for any of the additional retrofits to help protect you or your family from any potential environmental damages to your home that might occur, the resiliency measures detailed below must be combined with an energy-efficiency retrofit from the Canadian Greener Homes Grant Initiative such as, the installation of a residential solar panel system. Which upon installation can maximize the amount of funding you receive from the Canada Greener Homes Grant (of up to $5,600) with an additional savings of up to $10,000 – $30,000 on electricity costs each year.  


Incentive amount

Batteries connected to Photovoltaic systems to provide standby power for home


Roofing Membrane – self-adhering roofing underlayment applied to entire roof


Foundation waterproofing


Moisture proofing crawl space floor, walls, and headers (100%)