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Installation Process

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Installation Process

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Solar panel Installation is a cost-effective way to save you money each month while protecting you from annually rising electricity costs from your hydro distributor & simultaneously increasing your property value. 

Ontario Residential Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Most residential homeowners in Ontario tend to have their solar panels installed on the roofs of their homes, while commercial applications have more options regarding their placement, such as the roof of their business, garage, or free-standing in their yard or parking. However, whether residential or custom home builds in Ontario, the expert technicians at SolarUp can tailor the positioning of your solar panel installation to optimize the aesthetics and energy efficiency of your solar panel system. Solar aesthetics is becoming a top priority for residential solar panel installers, like SolarUp. So, for those homeowners still on the fence due to the aesthetics of solar panel installation. We make it easy for you to take the lead in going solar so that you can own your energy and stop renting it today!

Note: Due to recent changes in regulations, which state that if property owners pay into residential rates for their hydro, then no free-standing (ground-mounted) solar panel installation is allowed. Rather all panels must be mounted to either the roof or wall of a building.

Rooftop Solar Panel Installation Steps:

Step 1: Initial Consultation

Upon contacting & booking your initial consultation with the expert technicians at SolarUp, we can provide you with an accurate initial estimate for your system size and your home’s specific energy production capabilities, if we have access to high-quality satellite images directly from our office. Additionally, for a more accurate estimate and economic analysis of your home’s energy consumption requirements, we will require a copy of your most recent electricity bill.

Step 2: Site Assessment

Following your initial consultation for your home solar panel system (PV system), our team will then come by your home for an on-site assessment to obtain detailed site-specific information that we will require to move forward with the installation process. Such as, roof measurements, details of your electrical system, along with a shading analysis (to determine the environmental conditions for your home, which could reduce the production of your solar PV system).  For custom home builds, SolarUp can design a system directly from the drawings and work with the builder or architect to ensure the highest performing and most aesthetically integrated system.


Step 3: System Design and Quote

Once our on-site assessment has been completed, SolarUp will work to design a system specific to the specs that were gathered during our visit to your home. Such as, your roof space in addition to your budget and your home’s electricity consumption needs. This is a complex and detail-oriented process that takes multiple options that are presented into consideration. From there, our design team will provide you with a sketch illustrating what your home will look like with your solar PV system on the roof as well as an economic analysis of your project.

Step 4: Permits and Grid Connection Applications

SolarUp, will then submit and take care of all the permitting paperwork that is required to move forward with your project. Such as, electrical, building, and/or development permits, including the application paperwork needed to connect your system to the utility grid via Net-Metering.


Step 5: Installation and Activation

The next step in the installation process will be the actual installation of your custom solar PV system by our highly professional & expertly trained technicians. At this point we will work with you to configure an agreed upon date for your installation in advance, for when you can expect us to arrive. Our team guarantees respect for your home and ensures a clean and safe work environment!