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We at SolarUp are proud to be part of the solution and help Ontario residents go solar.
Please review some of the recent solar systems we installed to get an idea what SolarUp can do for you.

Solar Project in Richmond Hill, ON

We installed an 11.7 KW system to offset the entire household energy consumption, with potential savings of up to $72,841 over 25 years and an expected cost break-even in 8 years. Sri, who used to pay over $150 monthly for Hydro, now, with the system, received his first bill of $29

Solar Project in
Erin, ON

Gary from Erin, Ontario, who used to pay $250 monthly on his hydro bill, now pays only $28 after installing a solar panel system from us. The system is estimated to yield potential savings of up to $122,041 over the next 25 years and is expected to break even in 9 years.

Solar Project in Elmvale, ON

Debbie and Ernie, who were previously paying over $150 monthly in hydro bills, saw their first bill reduced to $20 after installing solar panels. They anticipate saving over $74,026 in the next 25 years, with the system breaking even in 8 years.

Solar Project in
Vaughan, ON

We installed a 10.44 kW solar panel system, offsetting 100% of the energy used. The system is anticipated to save $74,026 in the next 25 years, potentially breaking even in 8 years. The client used to pay around $180 monthly in hydro charges and now paying $25.

Solar Project in Mississauga, ON

Installed a 5KW solar system, covering all energy needs. The client secured a $5,000 grant and a 0% interest loan. Expect cost recovery in 8 years, with $40,835 in savings over 25 years. The initial hydro bill dropped from $110 to $25.

Solar Project in
Ajax, ON

This 8.3 KW solar panel system is expected to save $61,803 over 25 years, with a break-even in just 8 years. Before going solar, the monthly hydro bill was approximately $150. Following installation, the initial hydro bill dropped to around $27.