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Solar Panel Installation Project Erin, Ontario

Reduce Your Electricity Bill with Solar Power & Net Metering

Gary Piper’s Residence, Erin,ON

Gary from Erin, Ontario was paying approximately $250 every month on his hydro bill, but when the government introduced the $5,600 “Green home grants” he saw it as a great opportunity and called Solar Up for a quote.SolarUp designed a 19.56 kW solar panel system to supply electricity and offset Gary’s current and upcoming consumption through the net metering tie-up with the local hydro supplier. SolarUp installed 43 top-of-line Longi solar panels together with 43 SolarEdge Power Optimizers to ensure proper monitoring system function. The new solar panel system will generate 21,691 kWh annually, with Gary likely to recoup his initial investment during its first 8 years.