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Helping Canadians save money and the planet through Clean, Affordable and Renewable Energy Solutions

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Power with Confidence

Experienced Team

SolarUp’s team of solar experts, installers and project managers have a combined experience of over 20+ years in the solar industry. Our team’s goal is “Continuous and Never Ending Improvement” to keep expanding our customer service, product knowledge and solar expertise.

Comprehensive Solar System Warranty

You're completely covered with SolarUp's worry-free, warranty. We ensure your solar system is operating at peak performance, partner with the most trusted equipment manufacturers in the industry. SolarUp’s warranty includes free equipment replacement and system repairs including all parts and labor, and the guarantee that our roof penetrations are watertight for a full decade.

Experience & Knowledge

Industry Leading Warranty

Superior Quality

Guaranteed Production

Superior Solar System Components

All our solar panels and inverters have the best performance in the industry. Only the best, highest performing equipment is used in our solar systems. By using quality products you get a peace of mind knowing that the system will have longevity and reliability for many decades to come.

Preventative Maintenance

We believe solar systems need looking after! This is why every solar system installed by SolarUp comes with a 25 year regular preventative maintenance to ensure your solar system is performing at optimum levels.

Guaranteed Power Production:

We don’t just make projections when it comes to your system production, we stand behind it! SolarUp is the only residential solar company in Canada which guarantees your production for the next 25 years!*

Proactive System Monitoring

We take your system’s performance seriously. Our team of solar experts will monitor your system daily to ensure you’re taking full advantage of the sun. Our best-in-class monitoring technology proactively informs us of possible issues, so your system is always at peak performance.

Honest, Excellent Customer Service

We aim to provide the best customer service in Canada by providing you with an awesome customer experience. From our initial contact together all the way to completing the installation of your solar project, we are here for you as a partner by helping you in every step with your full satisfaction.

24 Hour Response Guaranteed

Our team is guaranteed to respond to you within 24 hours of your inquiry. Our SolarUp solar specialists will promptly respond to any enquiries you have, so you never have to wait for an answer about your solar panels.

Proactive Monitoring

Customer Service