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Vimal's Residence, Ajax, ONTARIO

Motivated by his neighbors’ success in offsetting up to 90% of their hydro bills through solar power, Mr. Vimal began considering the switch to solar. The announcement of the $5,000 Canada Green Home Grant presented an opportunity for him to make the move. After evaluating quotes from various solar panel installation companies, he chose SolarUp for an 8.3 KW system, designed to cover 100% of his energy consumption. SolarUp facilitated Mr. Vimal’s transition by securing the $5,000 grant and offering a 10-year interest-free loan, minimizing upfront costs. Before adopting solar energy, Mr. Vimal’s monthly hydro bill was approximately $150. Following installation and net metering hookup, his first hydro bill was around $27. He foresees covering the system cost within the next 8 years and envisions potential savings of $61,803 over the next 25 years. This projection assumes that hydro costs will remain constant, which is improbable given the doubling of average hydro costs over the last decade. Mr. Vimal has effectively shielded his family from escalating energy prices and is poised to save even more as energy costs continue to rise.