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Solar Panel Installation Project Mississauga, Ontario

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Malik's Residence, Mississauga, ON

Mr. Malik took advantage of the $5,000 “Canada Green home grants” offered by the government after considering switching to solar power in order to save costs and protect the environment. Along with a few other solar panel installers, he contacted Solar Up for a price and discovered that our quote was the most affordable. Mr. Malik chose a 5KW system, which should be able to completely offset their household’s energy use. Following the installation, Mr. Malik’s first hydro bill was approximately $25, covering only the line charges. Over the next 25 years, this solar system is anticipated to save Mr. Malik $40,835, with an expected break-even on the investment in seven years. Taking advantage of the $5,000 grant, Mr. Malik transitioned to solar with no upfront cost, utilizing a 0% interest-free loan.